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      Chain Parts

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      • Precision Engineer Chain Bush
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2019-08-16 16:35 Click:

      Precision Engineer Chain Bush


      The quality engineer chain is coming from high quality chain parts.


      -Plate: The production of each chain-sheet ensures that the impact on the critical intensity area is minimized. Strict and careful selection of materials and heat treatment, precise processing means ensure high precision and high strength.

      Pin: High quality pin has 100% roundness and straightness, which supports precise and barrier-free assembly, and provides maximum shear area to increase the chain pull to the maximum. We make analysis of the stress condition of each area of pin roll according to the user's usage occasion. We adopt a variety of heat treatment means, so that each area of parts has different hardness, to maximize its service life.

      -Bush: We strive to provide high support surface for full-connected and matched seamless tube, and ensure that the sleeve rolls smoothly. With strong impact resistance and surface hardness, it doesn't crack even in extremely bad conditions.

      Roller: It anti-fatigue performance and shock resistance, to meet the requirement of different complicated conditions.

      Heat treatment: The technology for heating processing of parts is optimized according to users' different usage occasions, to maximize the service life of the chain.


      Our Services:

      The high quality engineer chains are always assembled by high precision and consistency chain parts. Usually, the severely worn chain parts can be replaced by new parts. We can supply high precision chain parts to repair other brand engineer chains.


      Bush Type:

      Seamless Bush

      Shoulder Bush

      Grooved Bush