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      Engineer class chain

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      • Heavy Duty Flat Conveyor Chains
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 13:13 Click:

      Heavy-Duty Flat Conveyor Chains

      Flat Top Chains are designed to convey ingots, billets, large structural shapes, upended coils, and more to and from process operations. The flat top plate design offers large areas to evenly distribute product load. This minimizes the effect of transfer impacts that can cause product damage. In addition, the top plate protects the chain joint from unwanted exposure to heat or abrasive particles. Because of the heavy load, bearing rollers are widely used to provide the lowest chain tension and trouble-free operation.


      Special for steel mill to conveyor the steel plate, with our patent No.00255682.0 to conveyor up to 5m plate in steel factory.


      The chain attachment can be special designed as V, II, etc. type.

      There are two type way to mount the top plates:

      A type: Use bolt.

      B type: Welded.

      Chain Size:

      ZP75:       Pitch 75
      ZP150:             150
      ZP200:             200
      ZP250:             250
      ZP350:             350
      ZP450:             450
      ZP550:             550
      ZP400:             400



      -Handun Catalogue
      Heavy-Duty Flat Conveyor Chains