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      Engineer class chain

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      • Single Former Glove Conveyor Chain
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 19:49 Click:

      Single Former Conveyoy Chain

      The conveyor line for Natural Rubber Gloves is very longer (can reach to 1300 meter). The chain need to run through many ovens (180 ℃). The quality of chain are very important for the conveyor line. It need run smoothly, resist fatigue and wear-resisting.

      We have started to produce conveyor chain for rubber glove industry since 2000 and is the member of China Rubber Industry Association. 

      We are committed to produce high performance latex gloves chain, enhance the efficiency and stability of the production line of gloves, and strive to reduce the cost of the user.

      Chain Size:  

      RG100S:    Pitch  100 X 29 X 60/50.8.
      RG110S:              100 X 29 X 60/50.8


      Bearing:  It is used bearings both size to assure the chain running smoothly. Our bearings with special grease, prevent oil spilling after high temperature.

      Sprocket: It is commented that use our sprocket together with our chains. The results are sprockets designed to maximize the life of the chains. Chain and sprockets must work together, buying them from the same manufacturer makes sense. When Chains and sprockets articulate correctly, the life of the chain is extened.

      Lubrication: It is very important for the chain and can increase the working life of chain at least double.
                            It is very important to choose a suitable grease and lubrication way.

      We offeres innovative conveyor chain technology for all applications in rubber industry
      - Single Former Conveyor Chain
      - Double Former Conveyor Chain
      - Chain for Glove Mold Release
      - Nitrite Rubber glove carrier chain
      - Single Former PVC Gloves chains
      - Glove mold speed reduction chain
      - PVC Double Former glove carrier chain without bearing, suitable for high temperature.
      - Single Former Holder
      - Double Former Holder

      Our mould technology can assure welded arm pin in right position.
      Our panasonic welding manipulator assure the welded strength.
      Advanced assembling technology eliminate the chain snake-shape.

      Application:  Rubber glove production line.  Serve for famous rubber glove factories in the world.

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