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      Engineer class chain

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      • JOSO Central Bucket Elevators Chain
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 17:41 Click:

      JOSO Central Chain for High Output Bucket Elevators

      The chain with simple construction and assemble or shortening of chain are very easy. Used high quality materials and heat treatments, incorporation of a free rot high duty elevator chain ating pin which allows wear to take place on the full diameter, reducing the wear rate, pitch extension and therfore extends service life.

      The Central chain used for high output bucket elevators.
      Maximum lifting height reach to 100 Meters.
      Maximum conveying capacity:  1600 ton per hour.

      Our JOSO Chains have gained a reputation as the lon-gest lasting, most reliable chains available for some severe applications.
      All our JOSO products meet the highest demands when it comes to wear resistance, dynamic loads,conveying of abrasive media, or with higher temperature, impact.

      - High fatigue strength
      - High wear resistance
      - Reliability and guarantee quality
      - Consistency of all parts.



      -Handun Catalogue
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