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      Engineer class chain

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      • FU Conveyor Chain
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      FU Conveyor Chain

      The Chain is used in moving bulk materials in a closed case.  It is used widely in the conveyance of bulk materials such as cement and fertilizer in chemical industries, and grain in food industries.


      There are mainly several type of FU attachment. It need to select suitable attachment for application.

      Chain Size:

      FU200, FU270, FU350, FU410, FU410Q, FU500

      Double Strand also available:  FU600, FU800




      Grain or Cement


      Adhesive Powder

      B (Round)

      Powdered material like flour or cement at higher conveyor efficiency than L type

      B (Square)

      Massive, powdered, or adhesive materials that are hard to convey with B

      (round) attachment

      UV (Round)

      A larger conveyor than L, KL, B, or for an upgrade


      Conveying massive, powdered, or adhesive materials that are hard to convey with

      UV (round)

      Handun Catalogue
      FU Double Conveyor Chain