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      Engineer class chain

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      • JOSO High Precision NE Bucket Elevator Chains
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 17:36 Click:

      JOSO High Precision NE Bucket Elevator Chains

      NE type bucket elevator is a general-use bucket elevator that operates at a normal conveyance speed.

      The chain with G attachment for high speed bucket elevator, common used in transport for abrasive materials such as slag powders and fly ash.

      Our JOSO Chains have gained a reputation as the lon-gest lasting, most reliable chains available for some severe applications.
      All our JOSO products meet the highest demands when it comes to wear resistance, dynamic loads,conveying of abrasive media, or with higher temperature, impact.

      - High fatigue strength
      - High wear resistance
      - Reliability and guarantee quality
      - Consistency of all parts.

      Chain Size:

      NE50,    Pitch 152.4  Roller 36      Inner Width 36.5
      NE100,           200               44.5                       51.8
      NE150,           200               48.5                       57.6
      NE200,           250               63.5                       67.4
      NE300,           250               70                          75
      NE400,           300               70                          75
      NE500,           300               75                          82.5
      NE600,           350               83                          85
      NE700,           350               88                          90

      We offer many solutions, designed according to the application specifications, to withstand the most demanding of conditions; be they corrosive or abrasive materials, extreme temperatures or other abrasive environments.


      Super series chain are also available, with high precision chain parts, optimizing heat treatment, designed and produced to withstand the most ruggest condition


      -Handun Catalogue
      NE Type Hoist Chain