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      Engineer class chain

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      • JOSO Forged Link chain with scraper
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 15:18 Click:

      JOSO Forged Link chain with scraper

      Forged fork link chain has proven to be one of the most reliable conveying mediums offering a combination of versality, strength and abrasion resistance. With a wide variety of materials, heat treatments and flight formats the chain is proven in both drag and enmasse handling.

      Forged Link Double Series: the standard format but with a forged “double clevis” into which a scraper can be mounted. The flight blade can be retained by either a U bolt or standard fasteners. The chain allows for some built in clearance between strands which obviates any potential problems that may be associated with mismatch. Double strand allows for improved discharge particularly relevant in conveying sticky materials.

      Forged Link Triple Series: the "Double slot" allows for a versatile means or flight retention for both steel & plastic options. Retention can be eigth U clips or standard fasteners.

      Our JOSO Chains have gained a reputation as the lon-gest lasting, most reliable chains available for some severe applications.
      All our JOSO products meet the highest demands when it comes to wear resistance, dynamic loads,conveying of abrasive media, or with higher temperature, impact.


      - High fatigue strength
      - High wear resistance
      - Reliability and guarantee quality
      - Consistency of all parts.


      The Scraper bar could be with heat-treatment or without heat-treatment according to application requirements.


      Application: Scrape conveyor chain

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