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      Engineer class chain

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      • JOSO Bagasse Elevator Chains
      • Editor:Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., LtdDate:2016-03-09 17:44 Click:

      JOSO Bagasse Elevator Chains

      Using the same round components as the cane carrier range, these chains provide the capacity to meet the majority of bagasse conveying requirements. They are available with straight plates, STYLE A, or cranked plates, STYLE B.
      The AS2 attachment, hinged bucket and scraper flight wings, prevent the chain from binding by compensating for irregularities in the length of the two strands.

      Our JOSO Chains have gained a reputation as the lon-gest lasting, most reliable chains available for some severe applications.
      All our JOSO products meet the highest demands when it comes to wear resistance, dynamic loads,conveying of abrasive media, or with higher temperature, impact.

      - High fatigue strength
      - High wear resistance
      - Reliability and guarantee quality
      - Consistency of all parts.
      Chain Size: 



      For highly corrosive applications, used special stainless steel pins, bush and roller.

      -Handun Catalogue
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